Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Tiny Home Exterior Being Painted!

 While the interior insulation is being installed, and while the rough electrical continues the outside of the tiny home is being painted!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Construction Class Update: Tiny Home/Farm/Room 14 Work

 Back on April 19, I went to HD to make the final purchase for the year with enough material to substantially complete the tiny home. The trip turned into a disaster as my purchase was rejected. I know I had enough money in the account.  One possible reason the HD personnel gave me is that Upland USD may have not paid their bills. This happened at the beginning of the school year. The following week my construction class was involved in the upcoming field trip by Foothill knolls and was helping out on the farm. 

So this week beginning on Monday, May 2nd the class has started back in the tiny house. This week we have begun the following.....

Finishing up the insulation installation of the ceiling and walls.

Finishing the lights and outlet electrical connections

Replacing some incorrectly installed screws on the exterior siding.

Caulking the outside horizontal pieces and begin painting of the exterior

For the farm:

Completion of the goat/pig pen


Completion of a new sink for people to wash their hands once leaving the garden/coop area.

Room 14

Clean and organize room 14. Students began moving the whiteboard and smartboard a bit higher on the wall to allow for cabinets below them.

Elevate the existing white board and smart board so table top and benches can fin along the wall.